10 Superheroes Who Have Lifted Thor’s Hammer !

10. Jane Foster

One of the recent Thor comic series has seen Jane Foster become the new Thor. Many speculated what the story would be when it was revealed a female Thor superhero was being introduced but it turned out to be perennial favorite Jane Foster. The former love interest of Thor became the new Thor when the Mjolnir hammer dictated the former Thor was no longer worthy. Confusing enough?

Foster inherited the hammer and developed the ability to lift and use it as a weapon. Odinson tried to get the hammer back but realized the power now belongs to the new Thor and passes it on with respect, not realizing it was Jane.

9. Storm


Storm is one of the more popular members of the X-Men as the mutant that has the power to control the weather. The crossover comic featured Loki once again going out of Asgard to try to manipulate someone into getting rid of Thor. Storm was given the duplicate hammer called the Stormcaster.

While she would not be fooled by Loki’s games, Storm did battle Thor but for the purpose of getting access to Mjolnir. Storm used Thor’s hammer to destroy the Stormcaster and it showed she was worthy of holding it for her intent. This was an example of the pure tale it takes for one to be able to hold Thor’s hammer in a story.

8.Conan the Barbarian

Thoth-Amon and Thor would both die in a battle causing Thor to pass the hammer on to Conan. While the comic never elaborated on what would happen following the passing of the torch, the possibilities of Conan the Barbarian dropping fools with Mjolnir are endless and all highly entertaining to think about.

7.Black Widow

Black Widow may be the most underrated member of the Avengers in the current MCU films and the superhero has always been a great character in the comics. The Marvel “What If?” series created a world in which Thor was dead and that led to Natasha Romanoff being the one that possessed the power of the god.

6.  Awesome Andy

Andy matched Thor’s powerful qualities and noble beliefs to lift the hammer. After developing the special qualities that made Thor who he is, Andy used that to rebel against the Mad Thinker and no longer do his bidding. The power of Mjolnir and the magic of Thor made the Android become free and clear his name from his creator.

5. Deadpool

Not many are aware that Deadpool was one of the rare heroes to lift Thor’s hammer in one of the comics. The story plot was manipulated by Thor’s evil brother Loki making Mjolnir invisible and Deadpool picked up a fake one also made by Loki to create chaos between everyone. If Deadpool ever enters the MCU, this would be the most fitting way to debut in a Thor film.

4. Vision

The biggest moment for Vision in the film saw him casually lift the hammer in front of everyone and hand it to Thor like it was nothing. It was set up as a humorous moment but it showed just how powerful Vision was in the grand scheme of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Many have criticized the huge moment of Mjolnir being picked up, saying it was wasted, but the writers wanted to put emphasis on the importance of Vision.

3. Wonder Woman

Thor lost the hammer during his matchup against Captain Marvel. Wonder Woman would pick up Mjolnir with ease during her battle with Storm but didn’t want the unfair advantage so refused to use it. The honor showcased by Wonder Woman by refusing to use it also gave us insight into why she was deemed worthy enough to lift it up in the first place. Unfortunately, Wonder Woman lost her battle against Storm but she earned the respect of comic fans everywhere.

2. Superman

Superman was by far the most powerful DC superhero present and used the hammer to defeat one of the villains. The interesting twist later saw Superman unable to pick it up again to hand back to Thor. It showed that the ability to lift Mjolnir is not a given ability but something that can change based all on when one is worthy enough to hold it.

1. Captain America

Captain America used it in battle when his patented shield broke during the fight. Unlike Superman, the second time Cap used it saw him pick the hammer back up to give to Thor proving he was able to hold it on multiple occasions. This scene would have been the most impressive way to showcase someone other than Thor lifting Mjolnir in the Avengers films.

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