Top 10 Strongest Armies in The World

A strong and powerful military is a direct reflection of how strong and powerful the Government of a country is in the world canvas. The Army is considered an important part of the country and its security.     If we try to compare the armies of the different nations to gauge the countries with strongest armies, it would probably not be possible to do so hypothetically. However, without leading to a bloodbath, we can have a fair idea about the military strengths of countries by taking into account the arsenal in their possession, advanced technologies implemented, training, power and number of allies, a size of the army, the budget allocated, etc. So here are the top 10 strongest armies in the world.

10. Japan

Japan’s military is limited by a peace clause in the constitution that makes it illegal for the country to have an offensive army but due to the growing disputes with the ever expanding China, Japan started military expansion for the first time in 40 years, placing new base on outer islands.

Japan spends $49.1 billion on defence, the sixth most in the world. With over 247,000 active personnel and almost 60,000 in reserve. It has the 5th largest air force with 1,595 aircraft. The army is also equipped with 131 war ships.



The Republic of Korea Armed Forces are also known as the ROK Armed Forces, are the armed forces of South Korea. Created in 1948, following the division of Korea, the Republic of Korea Armed Forces is one of the largest standing armed forces in the world with a reported personnel strength of 3,600,000 in 2014 (630,000 active and 2,970,000 reserve).The ROK military forces are responsible for maintaining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the republic, but often engage in humanitarian and disaster-relief efforts nationwide.

South Korea also has 2,346 tanks and 1,393 aircraft. The South Korean military is generally well-trained and the South Korean Air force is the sixth largest in the world.


8. Turkey

Turkey has been preparing for a day when it will need its military forces for the last few years. It has learned its lesson from the struggle faced by countries which have common borders with Islamic states and the Kurdish Separatist organisation. The growing disturbance created by ISIS has made Turkey aware of creating a powerful army for a probable bad time ahead.

Its defence budget is at $18.18 billion. Its army size, including regular troops and reserves, is just above 660,000. Turkey’s air force has 1000 aircraft. The military also claims to 16,000 land weapons.


7. Germany

Germany undoubtedly has one of the strongest armed forces in the world. However, in spite of spending about $45 million every year, the condition of the army seems to have deteriorated in recent times. Germany is one of the strongest economic forces in the world, but despite spending around $45 million every year.  This is perhaps because, the generation born and growing up in the 1950-60s were against war and its atrocities, and the fear of being beaten by countries with strongest armies, still discourages the people to join the army.

Germany has 183,000 active frontline personnel, 145,000 reservists, 710 aircraft and 5000 kinds of the on-land armament of various kind.


6. France

France is another country to follow Germany’s lead because, in 2013, it took the decision to ‘effectively ‘freeze’ its military spending, and cut down on the defence jobs by 10%, to save money for technologically advanced equipment. The current military budget of France is only 1.9% of its GDP. It has about 500,000 military personnel, about 1000 aircraft and 9000 ground vehicles. Well, don’t go by the size of the military and wonder why France ranks at number 6.

The country has about 290 nuclear weapons and a significant position in the European Union and the United Nations, important enough to earn them the number 6 position.


5. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has a defence budget of $54 billion and has a regular force of 2,05,000 and small air force of 908 aircraft and 66 navy ships. However, the army of the UK is still a powerful one, with its superior training, equipment and its 160 nuclear weapons being the main strengths. The Royal Navy is planning to put to service HMS Queen Elizabeth, in 2020. It is an aircraft carrier, planned to carry 40 F-35B joint strike fighters around the world.


4. India

The Indian army takes advantage of the large population of the country and has a large fleet of 3.5 million personnel including 1.25 million active militaries. And this large number makes it the number 4 in our list and one of the largest armies in the world.  The man force of the army is complemented by almost 16,000 land vehicles which include 3,500 tanks, as well as 1,785 aircraft, alongside nuclear weapons.

India also has nuclear weapons in its possession and enough ballistic missiles to wipe out Pakistan or China. The defence budget of India is $46 billion which is expected to grow in the coming years. India is currently on a modernization drive for its military which is expected to result in India being the 4th largest defence spender by 2020. India is also world’s largest military goods importer. India also invests heavily in military research as a part of its modernization drive.


3. China

In the third position comes China. China has a defence budget of $126 billion and the same is likely to grow at a rate of 12.2%.  It has 2.28 million active frontline personnel, 2.3 million reservists and 25000 land vehicles. It is the world’s largest land force.

It has another 2,800 aircraft on its air force. China is in possession of about 300 nuclear weapons, alongside 180 different methods of their deployment. A bigger population means more availability of personnel for joining the army. Hence, China’s militia is more about quantity than quality.


2. Russia

Well, the number 2 spot definitely goes to Russia. Russia spends about $77 billion each year which is expected to grow more than 44% in the next three years. Because of Vladimir Putin, the Military budget has increased in the following years.

Russia also possesses the largest tank force in the world – about 15,00 tanks. The country also has 8500 active nuclear warheads, highest in the world.the Russian Military is the one responsible for influence world politics to a great extent.


1. United States Of America

The United States spends a whopping $612.5 billion on the military, more than the other nine countries’ budgets combined. The US army consists of 1.4 million soldiers and around 800,000 reservists. The US is the world’s largest aircraft producer with a fleet of 19 aircraft carriers. The world’s total aircraft carrier sums up to 12. With respect to Navy, US implements the newest technology and has 7500 nuclear warheads at its disposal.

The US military is equipped with technology, experience and money – three things essential to make the most powerful army in the world.



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